Value Engineering

Study of Value Engineering (Value Engineering) aims to facilitate strategic management and define the necessary guidelines in the introduction of business technology. This will help you generate profitability, growth and have a reference in the evaluation of the products, services and work processes of companies.


Benefits of using the VisualK and Infor value engineering methodology:

Know the opportunities for process improvement and use of IT tools

Determine the business benefits of implementing technology to the company

Obtain a solution roadmap for the current and future needs of the organization

Take advantage of market information (American Productivity and Quality Center, APQC)

Strategic business support / Value management

Rapid studies (5 days, results in 3 weeks)

Value Realization

How can you take concrete actions at the operational level?

How should the business run the project to achieve value?

How to measure the value obtained (key performance indicators)?

How to compare the execution of best practices?

How can the company get more value from existing investments?

Value Discovery

What Processes need to be impacted?

What is the current state compared to the industry (Benchmarking)?

Where are the opportunities for improvement?

What are the benefits of the business?

What would be the comprehensive solution roadmap?