Software Integration

Infor ION

It is an integration platform with built-in business process management. It's easy to install, configure, activate, and manage.



Unification of processes throughout the business ecosystem

Infor ION makes it easier than ever to integrate both Infor and third-party software applications, while simplifying business process flows to improve performance. This powerful technology offers a simple and scalable broker software platform that helps achieve unmatched end-to-end efficiency.

The most outstanding

  • Easily integrate both Infor and third-party software applications
  • Create workflows and alerts that dramatically improve exception handling
  • Design, monitor or change business processes without involving IT
  • Connect apps to business process events
  • Easily monitor the entire company

Software integrations

Reports for the entire company

Reports and analysis in real time

Connect apps

Infor and non-Infor

Based on OAGIS standard (BODs)

Manage business processes

Through workflows


Monitor the company

Real-time data with specific rules

Sending alerts to company users