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Efficiency and quality are paramount in airport operations, often serving as daily objectives and even board-level strategies. These objectives and strategies are closely interlinked with Asset Management and Maintenance.

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Features of HxGN EAM

Maintenance and Asset Management Software Specialized for Airports

Airport Maintenance Software - HxGN EAM 

In the context of airport operations, efficiency can be gauged by aircraft turnaround times, baggage handling rates per hour, and passenger wait times. On the other hand, quality is measurable through factors such as customer satisfaction and on-time performance.

The pivotal connection between efficiency and quality lies in the condition of airport assets and the effectiveness of their maintenance. Smooth operations and superior customer experience heavily rely on well-maintained airport facilities, equipment, and infrastructure.

HxGN EAM is a comprehensive solution that efficiently manages landside, airside, and fleet assets, offering specialized functionalities to support a wide range of airport activities. From operations and maintenance to planning and finance, HxGN EAM plays a vital role in ensuring seamless airport operations while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

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1. Improved asset utilization:

Ensure that assets are being used efficiently and to their fullest potential.

2. Reduced maintenance costs:

Plan and prioritize maintenance activities more effectively, reducing the need for reactive maintenance and unplanned downtime. This can result in cost savings and reduced expenses.

3. Improved safety and compliance:

Ensure that all assets are maintained to the required safety and compliance standards, reducing the risk of safety incidents and regulatory fines. This can help to improve the reputation of the airport and increase customer satisfaction.

4. Better decision-making:

EAM software can provide real-time data and insights into asset performance, enabling airport operators to make informed decisions about asset utilization and maintenance. This can help to optimize resource allocation, reduce waste, and increase efficiency.

By implementing HxGN EAM

airports can improve the management and maintenance of their assets, reducing costs, improving safety and compliance, and ultimately driving profitability.

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