OIL & GAS Software

HxGN EAM: Manage assets, compliance, reliability data, and uptime.



Whether operating in the upstream, midstream, or downstream sectors, you need to achieve compliance, increase safety, and reduce costs.  HxGN for Oil & Gas is a feature-rich solution designed to help you manage assets better, improve reliability, and achieve a higher return on infrastructure.

Specifically for your industry. Easy to install, implement, and use, this feature-rich, configurable solution allows you to:

  • Avoid costly downtime of critical assets and stop failures before they occur with condition monitoring.
  • Maintain compliance with HxGN EAM's support for industry standards such as PAS 55, ISO 14224, ISO 55000, and EPA requirements for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting.
  • Efficiently manage your linear, point, and component-based assets from cradle to grave.
  • Support Management of Change (MOC) and other requirements with an audit-grade platform. 
  • Provide users direct access to key information on the work order such as status, priority, tasks, and relevant documents. 
  • Enable mobility, right from their mobile devices, technicians can view asset attributes and history, and record their activities as they work.
  • Gain an automated process for approvals — complete with notifications and escalation features.

With HxGN for Oil & Gas, you will:

  • Decrease capital expenditures by extending the lifecycle of expensive assets.
  • Execute required maintenance plans on a data-driven, efficiency monitored schedule. 
  • Reduce vulnerability to risk by enforcing compliance with government regulations and MOC procedures.
  • Achieve a higher return on your infrastructure by leveraging warranties, averting potential failures, and reducing energy consumption.
  • Keep your production humming with better insight, maintenance, and compliance processes that eliminate unplanned downtime.

Upstream (Exploration, production)

Petroleum exploration and production companies can do more with less thanks to the industry-specific capabilities of HxGN EAM. This powerful solution can help you make the most efficient use of drilling time and lengthen the lifecycles of your critical E&P systems and equipment.

Midstream (Pipelines, terminals)

HxGN EAM for Oil and Gas helps midstream companies optimize their performance while maintaining the highest levels of reliability, safety, and compliance with standards. It offers unparalleled linear asset management features, including available GIS and advanced reporting for pipelines. The predictive analytics capabilities in HxGN EAM enable you to make sense of all the data you are collecting, turning your asset management program into a competitive differentiator.

Downstream (Refining, petrochemicals)

In this fundamentally margin-based business, HxGN EAM can help oil and gas companies maximize throughput and improve maintenance to generate greater return on assets. When you’re getting peak performance from your assets, you can adjust quickly to volatile crude prices and sustain a robust crack spread thanks to the sophisticated analytics and reporting in your EAM system.

Oilfield service companies

HxGN EAM for Oil and Gas gives you the flexibility to handle the unpredictability of today’s oilfield service business with reactive, preventive, predictive, and condition-based maintenance capabilities. It puts work management, inspection management, and data capture capabilities directly into the hands of your field workers using mobile devices.