Implementation methodology

Infor Agility

Infor® Agility is a program that combines aspects of Agile Methodology with advanced implementation accelerators (IA 4.0), Process Intelligence, Migration Factory, Testing as a Service (TaaS) and Consumerized Learning. This takes a prescriptive approach, rather than a "deploy as you like" approach.



Software implementation services methodology

Infor Agility Key Features

Enhanced AI






Implementation process 

Focus 60:30:10

Infor Agility

Not all business processes are the same.

Infor Deployment Accelerators use a 60: 30: 10® approach so that each organization can prioritize which processes need to be differentiated to meet their unique business needs. 



Key components

Process intelligence

Monitor and improve your business processes using Infor Process Intelligence, powered by Signavio®. Process Intelligence is a platform that generates easy-to-interpret visual representations of your data, providing clear visibility into how your business processes are performing.

Reference architecture

Infor offers a comprehensive architecture review as part of the Agility Engage workshops; covering AI capabilities, integrations and business processes.

Deployment accelerators

Deployment Accelerators are preconfigured but flexible processes based on Infor application suites. They are designed to deliver application configurations, an implementation manual, templates, and tools that provide a framework for implementing industry business processes, migrating data, establishing workflows, and providing education.

Test as services

Regression testing refers to rerunning existing test scripts to ensure that newly added changes do not affect the rest of the systems.


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