Point of Sales Software

VK-POS, VK - Point of Sales

VK-Point of Sales is a module designed to work with manufacturing and invoicing modules, simplifying operations between them. VK-POS handles catalogs from the Manufacturing module environment, eliminating double settings and data duplication.  VK-POS accelerates invoicing linking inventory, shipping and orders information. The operation is simplified, eliminating the need to perform operations separately. VK-POS can be interfaced with Standard Finance and Global Finance, both from INFOR.  VK-POS utilizes a set of independent structures that are not affected with updates, new versions or corrections made by INFOR.

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Key Benefits of VK -POS:

  • Customer service optimization
  • Sales process simplification, sales order - shipping - invoice
  • Full integration with ERP - Manufacturing Visual, making efficient work processes to accelerate order, shipping and invoicing, and ensuring reliability by not re-typing information
  • Offers flexible settings to set prices, discounts, promotions and bonuses
  • Integration with existing software
  • Enables an enhanced administration and control of inventory in stores
             -  Management of maximum and minimum inventory
                 -  Amount or re-order products
                 -  Re-order Time
                 -  Programming or maximum and minimum seasonal inventory 

VK-POS has the following characteristics:

  • Independent safety system
  • Versatility for promotions administration: BOGO, Advertising by text or QR and Coupons for discounts
    Flexibility in the registration of diverse concepts such as freight, shipping, and travel expenses
  • Different payment and currency systems
  • Ease detail capture
  • Generates billing correlative by company branch
  • Invoice and quote printing
  • Allows sales offline synchronizing via ION, not depending on VISUAL Manufacturing if it is needed
  • BOD, "Business Objects Documents" - by international standards allow synchronization with Infor and non-Infor products
  • ION PULSE - monitors activities through alerts
  • Inventory control
  • Handles multiple company branches administration
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  • Better customer service in a dynamic and fast way with an intuitive and modern graphical interface
  • Multiple cash management for each branch, with high security and completely configurable
  • Precise cash closures with nomenclature of the different currencies that may exist in a region
  • Enriched detail of each type of payment received on a daily basis


  • Supports product gifts or discount percentages Create promotions by adding the number of items that apply to each one
  • Project discounts by total amount, by lines or stack type (discounts on discounts)
  • Discounts for specific quantities for a product and in a unit of measure
  • Discounts by amount or percentage
  • Assign a validity date and an expiration date to give specific discounts at a certain time or season

Regular Customer

  • Provides complete information on each client quickly
  • Management of points per sale and accumulated for each client that belongs to the membership program
  • Frequent customer detail for future benefits


  • Generate invoices and cash receipts to manage daily operations
  • Daily cash balance for optimal control of your process
  • Configurable to various types of payment: cash, credit or debit cards, checks, membership score, among others