Maintenance Asset Health Index - MAHI

Through the Maintenance Asset Health Index (MAHI) you can consider how precise the execution of preventive and corrective works should be; visualizing different aspects of the plant and how it affects productivity.

Inventory analysis EOQ and ABC

Learn more about advanced features in Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Inventory Management. Managing inventory is a science by itself, and there are methodologies within Infor EAM to reduce expenses and prioritize high usage or high cost parts.

Consolidate all your maintenance tools into one enterprise grade CMMS

If you currently have a CMMS for corrective and preventive maintenance, some niche calibrations software and you still struggle during audits, you have to know how:

Koch Industries Completes Acquisition of Infor

Koch Industries, Inc. announced that it has completed the acquisition of the remaining portion of Infor from Golden Gate Capital. Infor, a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, has been a key component of Koch’s technological transformation.

Enable a safe and clean work environment after the impact of Covid-19 global pandemic

As people return to work after global quarantines, a world with new hygiene and cleaning regulations, tracking requirements, and rules for your asset management operations will become the new normal. Proper facilities management application can help rebuild a safe, productive, and compliant workplace.

77 Questions customers ask when evaluating Infor EAM

VisualK has been marketing, selling, implementing and supporting Infor EAM since 2007. In all those years I think we have heard every question prospects and customers ask when they are evaluating Infor EAM (obviously exaggerating here). So, we sat down and wrote as many questions as we could remember and decided that we could post it our blog for those of you out there thinking if Infor EAM is the right solution for your business. However, you just don’t buy a piece of software, you buy a complete solution which includes software and consulting services to make it work for you. The following 77 questions include information about Infor, VisualK, Contracts and Implementation.

Ask the EAM Experts

Panel of experts where they answer questions and discuss issues on Asset Management and Maintenance.

Case Management

See the recording of the entire session:

Safety, Hazards, LOTO and Permit to Work. Including isolation checklists

See the recording of the entire session:

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