Stability in a Chaotic Time

Unforeseen disruptions - A fact of life for maintenance managers.

Software for Power Generation

Power is essential for today’s world. A power plant is comprised of thousands of assets working together. Asset management and maintenance are at the core of keeping a power plant running.

GENOR improves inventory control and increases revenue with infor

Generadora Eléctrica del Norte is a Guatemalan-based electric power plant that has been providing energy to the Guatemalan territory and the Central American market since 1998.

How to achieve a fully integrated company

As part of the digital transformation changes in the industry are inevitable, some happen so fast that the evolution affects the operation of our company, and when this happens, it is extremely difficult to have control of all areas.

Grupo CPFL Energia boosts energy generation with Infor EAM

Read full Case Study:

How to establish a proper coding sequence

When plants use a standardized coding system for their equipment, a lot of information can be gathered at the first glimpse. Where the asset is, to which larger equipment it contributes, and information regarding the asset itself can all be displayed while using a standard code.

Freedom. Control.For the connected enterprise

Businesses today shouldn’t operate like a collection of disconnected silos. Neither should a business intelligence (BI) and analytics solution:

The Industrial Talk Podcast Channel: Deploying InforEAM - Power Gen, René Nazario

This week our CEO Rene Nazario participated in the Industrial Talk Podcast Channel, talking about "Strategies for Deploying InforEAM to Micro-Vertical Assets in Power Generation". See the full interview:

Infor - Koch: Value for our customers. CEOs Chat

Koch Industries fully acquired Infor and customers have been asking if and how Infor will change and what that could mean for them. Kevin Samuelson, Infor CEO, chose Infor’s largest customer conference as the ideal space to answer those questions publicly, and to introduce Infor’s customers to Koch Industries through a chat with its founder and leader, Charles Koch.


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