The strategic advantages of sustaining engineering digitalization.

Discover the strategic advantages and insights for long-term growth and efficiency.

Turn asset management into a competitive advantage

Discover how modern asset management can elevate your operations:

Modernizing oil and gas equipment maintenance strategies

Gain actionable insights, predictive practices, and energy efficiency for sustainable success in the industry:

Reduce Machine Repair Time

Training, Spare Parts, Tools, Preparation & Kits, Labeling, Documentation, Quality of Repair, Stop, Look & Listen, Audit Repairs:

Failure Rate, MTTF, MTBF, Bathtub Curve, Exponential and Weibull Distribution

The basics of Reliability, exploring key concepts such as Reliability Indices, Failure Rate, MTTF, MTBF, the infamous Bathtub Curve, and more:

Four key considerations for adopting an asset investment planning strategy

Achieve long-term capital efficiency, meet service level objectives, and make informed decisions for your organization's success:

Maximize your power generation potential

Achieve 99.95% availability and minimize downtime:

Cut food & beverage production downtime with smart asset management

One big way to optimize production is to slash downtime to deliver tens of thousands of dollars back to the bottom line.:

Industry specialization for Asset Management

From asset structure and work orders to mobile, barcoding, and GIS capabilities, HxGN EAM provides the information you need -as you need it- to make better, more strategic decisions that extend asset life, increase safety, and improve profitability:


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