Infor Enterprise Asset Management Sustainability

Energy costs can account for more than 50% of maintenance and operating expenses for many organizations. Like many companies, your energy cost management can be highly fragmented, with no clear owner accountable for managing it.  It's time to integrate energy intelligence, visibility, and management controls into your everyday business processes to prevent energy waste. If you want to reduce your overall energy consumption, you need full visibility and control of your sustainability, energy consumption, and the assets and operating infrastructure that underlie them.

With Infor EAM Sustainability, you can:

  • Enable energy monitoring, measurement, analysis, and communication at any level of your enterprise.
  • Monitor the energy usage and cost of your assets.
  • Make better decisions with a more complete picture of your operating and maintenance expenses, including the environmental impact.
  • See, automatically detect, and prevent energy waste. Send automatic notifications and escalations to ensure timely response.
  • Pinpoint where and how to reduce environmental impact.
  • Replace the right assets at the right time with complete financial justification, including energy usage.
  • Perform better with EnergyStar benchmarking.
  • Manage your carbon emissions.

Infor EAM Sustainability is one of the most comprehensive end-to-end energy and environmental technology platforms available today. It delivers the financial and physical controls an enterprise needs to be in full control of their sustainability, energy consumption, and the asset and operating infrastructure that underpins them.  With EAM Sustainability you now have the ability to establish sustainable energy policy and programs, monitor and measure your energy performance to determine the causes of energy waste and expense in a timely manner, and enact the activities and programs that allow you to mitigate or prevent these issues.

EAM Sustainability tackles the toughest asset challenges, from preventative maintenance for discrete manufacturing, to predictive maintenance for food and beverage companies, emissions and energy demand management in pulp and paper, risk-based maintenance in life science organizations, fleet management for transportation companies, linear asset management for oil and gas, asset tracking and condition-based maintenance for public sector organizations, and more.  



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