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Using our professional programming framework, our experts assist you in performing customizations in a way that will keep your costs low, both today and tomorrow. This offering allows you to upgrade or enhance your existing application framework and add customizations without incurring significant long-term costs—a real advantage when you need to preserve business processes and selling points that are unique to your organization. 

Services offered include:

  • Data migration
  • Application tuning
  • Software development
  • Integration of our software and third-party products

By leveraging knowledge, development expertise, best practices, and reusable software components to solve your unique business requirements, you will improve your competitive advantage while maintaining a low total cost of ownership.

Make your software match your business

Your business faces unique demands—your software should respond to those demands. You can combine the reliability of proven solutions with the specificity of custom development through the help of experts from Infor Consulting Services. We know all the best ways to extend and customize your solution to fit your needs exactly. We also have an inside track on upcoming enhancements to your Infor solution so that you can avoid creating unnecessary customizations when you need a particular, widely requested feature. We can even help make your feature requests part of future development.